This is the 2003-07-21 release of WaMCom, the Web and Mail Communicator.

See the README for information about this release of WaMCom and the disclaimer.
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Linux static binary (28 MB)

Linux binary (14 MB)

Apple Mac OS X binary (disk image) (17 MB)

Apple Mac OS 8.6 and 9.x classic binary (stuffit directory) (15 MB)
News 2003-07-23: The https problem (only seen on Mac OS classic) has been fixed!
wamcom-131-macos9-20030723.sit (There is also a fix for macos9-20030721 as a small download.) (ReadMe, source code patch)

Windows installer binary (12 MB)

Windows program archive, unzip and run, no installation necessary. (11 MB)

Information, sources and patches

This file lists (most) of the included correctness fixes and other backported patches from the ongoing Mozilla development.
(New in this release is a fix to bug 213084 (crashes with some S/Mime messages), plus some other bugs in the crypto library got fixed.)

The non-official/not-yet official feature patches included in this release

taken from bugzilla.mozilla.org bugs 43923, 135357, 29152, 194655, 196925, 209166, 100979, 108973, 164707, 205702:

In addition to the above, a newer release of the NSS crypto library was used. Amongst other issues, this fixes an interoperability problem with Lotus S/Mime mail. However, in order to maintain compatibility with Mozilla 1.3.1, the change in bugzilla bug 209166 has been applied to the newer snapshot of the NSS library.

The partial source archive of this release. (46 MB)
and the 2003-07-21 update patch

Below are files you are less likely to require, they are provided for informational purposes.

Trunk development patches after Mozilla 1.3.1 up to 2003-06-24, the patches chosen for this release are contained in directories named "done"

This patch lists the differences between 2003-07-10 and the 2003-06-24 release, not listing the added spellchecker files.

This archive contains Mac OS classic specific build system files, used to build the spellchecker. It also lists some required adjustions. You only need this if you want to compile yourself.

The base source archive from mozilla.org, used as the base for WaMCom 1.3.1 releases, NOT containing wamcom fixes, provided to allow comparing the source archives and for applying patches.
wamcom-131-base-20030613.tar.gz (sorry, I no longer have a copy of this file, if you do, please send it to me)

Please go to the homepage for general information about WaMCom.
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