WaMCom - Web and Mail Communicator - is an open source software project, providing modified versions of Mozilla™ client software.


The wamcom.org domain has been deleted - This is the archive - http://wamcom.kuix.de

Current situation

2004-09-25: I haven't had the time to keep up, I now consider the latest version of WaMCom to be less secure than latest Mozilla builds. Several security problems were found in Mozilla code, and I don't have time and resources to provide updated versions. If you're looking for a stable of version of Mozilla, I now recommend that you use the latest versions of original Mozilla 1.4.x or 1.7.x. The rest of the page is pretty much outdated, however, if you're looking for software that runs on Mac OS 9, to my knowledge, the wamcom build is still the most recent software available. No, I will and can not provide newer versions for Mac OS 9 for technical reasons. If the version works for you, be happy. I'm not using it myself, but I've got many reports that it works fine and heard only minor problems.

2009-09-22: I've been made aware of a new project that attempts to provide a Mac OS 9 browser called Classilla. I'm not involved into Classilla, but as I understand it's based on the latest WaMCom release from 2003.

2009-09-22: The external mirror no longer works. I updated the download links to local files.

Download latest WaMCom from 2003

News 2003-08-25: Dictionaries for the spellchecker can now be downloaded from this site, too.

News 2003-08-25: There are now language packs available for the latest WaMCom build.

News 2003-07-23: The https problem (only seen on Mac OS classic) has been fixed!

The latest 1.3.1 based WaMCom release (and fix) is available here, now with included spellchecker

An archive of older releases is avaiable here.


End users are looking for stable software. But the Mozilla organization makes it clear to say: "We make binary versions of Mozilla available for testing purposes only!"

The intention of WaMCom is to produce web browser and mail client software that is more stable and more correct than the test releases produced by the Mozilla.org organization, in the hope it is suitable for end users. In order to achieve that, stable Mozilla releases are extended with correctness fixes.
In addition it contains some security and cryptography enhancements.

WaMCom releases consist of:

This project is dedicated to all fine people who work(ed) on Mozilla, without your help it wouldn't have been possible.

Useful links:

Mozilla is a trademark of Netscape™ Communications Corporation now owned by AOL™
However, if you have feedback or found a problem, please let me (Kai Engert) know at <kaie AT kuix dot de>.
This project is currently a private one person effort. If you want to help, get a build, and give feedback if you find a problem, that is found in a WaMCom release, but not in the version of Mozilla it is based on. Hopefully you won't be able to find such problems.
This site is operated in private time and with private money and no funding is currently required. However, if you consider this site useful and would like to support the Mozilla project, please consider to donate to the mozdev.org project at http://www.mozdev.org/donation.html.