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This is the Mac OS 9 specific information page for the 2003-06-24 release of WaMCom, the Web and Mail Communicator.

For non-macos9-specific information (source, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) see the general 2003-06-24 release information page.

Please see the README for information about this release of WaMCom and the disclaimer.
Also see the README-MACOS9.
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Apple Mac OS 8.6 and 9.x classic binary (stuffit directory)

Information, sources and patches

This is a Mac OS9 specific version of the patch patch used to build the 2003-06-24 WaMCom release.
These patches should apply cleanly against a tree checked out from mozilla.org, from the MOZILLA_1_3_BRANCH, however, where mozilla/security/nss in MozillaCheckoutList.txt was set to NSS_3_7_BRANCH


HARUNAGA Hirotoshi provides a mostly unchanged version of Mozilla 1.3.1 for Mac OS 9.

Please go to the homepage for general information about WaMCom.
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